L'il Palates® Sweepers
What are L'il Palates® Sweepers?
A device designed to remove food trapped between a fixed orthodontic appliance (palatal expanders, MARA, Herbst, etc.) and gums, palate and teeth.

L'il Palates® Sweepers keep growing palates healthy. Finally there is an easy to use device to clean between a palatal expander and the palate. This plastic "sweeper" is extremely thin and flexible, allowing it to shape itself to the curvature of the palate. Its flexibility makes it gentle on the palate and enhances its agility to reach areas where food becomes trapped. Each L'il Palates® Sweeper folds into a convenient case which doubles as the handle.


All L'il Palates® Sweepers come attached with hip key chains (six to choose from)...sure to make a person with a little palate smile.

L'il Palates® Sweepers come individually wrapped.
All L'il Palates® Sweepers are pre-attached with key chains (6 different designs)
L'il Palates® Sweepers come in two cool colors, lavender and blue
Bags of 24 L'il Palates® Sweepers only $62 plus S/H